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Purchase Department - ERP for Manufacturer's

Purchase Department
Tally.ERP 9 covers the entire purchase cycle. Right from the complete purchase order, it includes goods receipt, rejections and returns, advances, debits and payments, or even a single payment entry, meeting all needs.

To ensure that you have the right stocks, and to minimize carrying costs, Tally.ERP 9 helps improve purchase orders: 

• Define Re-order levels as a fixed number or based on consumption
• Define minimum quantity to order as a fixed number or based on consumption
• Unique report shows the stock position, including complete details of open purchase orders, sales orders that need to be fulfilled –it allows you to check on the purchase history before placing orders
• Optionally, stagger delivery dates in the PO 

When receiving goods:
• Align your entries with supporting documentation, including the errors your suppliers could have made (say of multiplication & round off)
• Incorporate additional costs
• Automatically manage input taxes
• Get the flexibility to receive goods with variation in the quantities and rates from that ordered, since this is common in real life
• Record samples and free items (using different 'actual' & 'billed' quantities)
• Use multiple receipts for one order or one receipt for multiple orders, or against verbal orders 

When you need to add other costs (say coolie and cartage), these charges can be apportioned to the cost of goods purchased.

If supplied goods do not match your requirements, these are managed by the 'Rejections Out' inventory voucher. Supplier dues, input taxes and inventory positions are updated.

Suppliers often indicate likely profits, which may not be met. In such situations, you can verify the facts from the Item profitability reports. If rebates are negotiated, they can be recorded as debit notes.

Keep tabs of how much is due to whom and when, and manage advances, payables & post-dated cheques. Errors in payments can be eliminated by printing cheques from Tally.ERP 9
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