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Outstanding Management Module (O M M)

Outstanding Management Module (O M M)
Outstanding Management Module (O M M) Outstanding Management Module (O M M)
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Rs. 11,800
Ex Tax: Rs. 10,000
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Features of Outstanding Management Module in Tally 9 ERP
(A). SMS Features
Ø Customized Auto SMS to customer / Supplier / MD of Company for Below Vouchers with predefined SMS details with enable & disable option voucher type wise.
  • All kind of Enquiry / Quotation / Sales Order / Sale Voucher
  • All kind of Enquiry / Purchase Orders / Purchase Vouchers
  • All kind of Payment / Receipt / Journal / Contra Vouchers
  • All kind of Product Return Vouchers from Customers / Suppliers
  • Daily Alerts on Cash & Bank balance to MD / CEO / Finance Head on Company start-ups OR company closing.  
 (B). Bulk Emails on:-
Ø Auto Bulk Email on Receivables
Ø Auto Bulk Email on Today's Expiry Bills
Ø Auto Bulk Email on Form's Receivable
(C). MIS Features
Ø C E O Dash Board with company Start up
Ø  Today's Bill Expiry Report Company Start up
Ø Welcome greeting/Logo on Company Start up

Ø Bulk SMS on Outstanding Receivables*   
Ø Bulk SMS on Today Expiry Bills Bulk SMS*  
Ø Bulk SMS on Form Receivables*      

SMS Tariff:-
Transactional* & Promotional SMS
SI NO No. of SMS (K = Thousand) Validity Rate per SMS
01 10k to 20K 1 Year Rs. 00.30/-
02 25K to 50K 1 Year 6 Months Rs. 00.25/-
03 60k to 1 Lac 2 Years Rs. 00.20/-
04 1.25 Lac to 2 Lac 3 Years Rs. 00.18/-
05 2.5 Lac & Above 5 Years Rs. 00.15/-
Terms & Conditions
  • Any virus and malicious code that might disrupt, disable, harm, erase memory of, or otherwise impede operations, or functions of any software, hardware, wireless device, computer or any network.
  • Above Prices Excluding taxations, GST will be applicable for above price
  • Any vulgar, obscene content, adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to (i)  corporations or brands; (ii) any personality, living or dead; (iii) communities, living or extinct; (iv)to any city, building, geographical feature, etc. that can be singularly / uniquely identified in the world; (v) gender and (vi) physical / racial attributes.
  • Any content, which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or the effect where of is such as to tend to deprave or corrupt any person.
  • Any content, the presentation, dissemination or disclosure whereof, infringes any intellectual property right or confidentiality obligation
  • Incase if any complaint register from your account or user id, You will have to revert with all the details and valid proof within 24 hours from time complaint has been raised. In case you fail to produce valid proof or don’t respond then we will treat as a valid complaint and fortify the penalty charges.
  • For Transactional SMS proper documents has to submit the relationship with your clients
  • For International SMS this tariff not be applicable, contact us to get information on international SMS.

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