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H R Management Solutions

H R Management Solutions
Product Code: SS HRM 1.0
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H R Management Modules List as below:-
  • Auto Attandence Import Module from Bio Metric Machine
  • Leave Management Module
  • Loan Management Module
  • Employees Periodical Increment Module
  • Employees Promotional Module
  • Medical ReImbursement Module
  • Employee Insurance Module

Features List of H R Management Module

(1). Auto Attendance Import  Management
Auto Attendance Importing from Biometric system
Enabling auto attendance in company screen by admin
One time attendance text path configuration in the company screen
set up of attendance timer value in the company screen
Attendance Importing based on Employee ID mentioned as Alias 
Imported attendance capturing in each employee master
Auto Attendance Booking  

(2). Attendance MIS Reports:
Attendance Summary Report
Attedance Register
Attendance sheet

(3). Leave Management Fefatures
Leave masters
Allocation of different kinds of leaves to the employees based on the designation/Grade
Leave Utilizations and Balances in the Payslips
Login menu's to emlpoyee for applying leaves
Online Leave Request by employees
Online Leave Approvals by Manager/admin
Login menu's to Manager for approving leaves

(4). Leave Management Module Reports
Leave status Report
leave approved Reports
Leave Management MIS Reports
Leave Statement

(5). Loan Management Module
Loan Masters
Allocation of Multiple loans for employees
Capturing complete loan details with loan date, loan amount, No of EMI’s, Rate of Interest and Opening balance, closing balance etc.
Auto Calculation of Interest  recovery on loan on monthly basis
Active/closure of the loan
Auto split of loan table 

(6). Loan Management MIS Reports
Loan Report
loan details in payslip

(7). Employee Periodical Increment Management
Capturing current and next increment date.
Capturing Percentage of increment.
Auto Increment in salary details

(8). Employee Periodical Increment MIS Reports
Employees Periodical Increment List
Next Increment date in pay slip

(9). Medical Reimbursement Management 
Capture of Medical Limit
Capturing Employees Dependent details with the attachment of  Family photo in the employee master
Control/warning on medical limit amount
Creation of relation codes
Creation of Equipments
Capturing Medical Bills of employees
Option to exceed medical limitation in exceptional cases

(10). Medical Reimbursement MIS Reports
Medical Monthly checklist Report
Equipment Register
Medical Full checklist Report

(11) Payroll MIS Reports
Loan Report
LIC Report
Increment list report
Medical Reimbursement Reports
Attendance reports


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